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4 Steps guide to start providing video appointments in your clinic

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The world is changing so fast, everyone can tell, this means that professionals must evolve too, and that of course, includes healthcare professionals. If we are not change at the same pace that the world does, our professional career will suffer.

Nowadays the major change that we should have into account is the one regarding information and communication technologies which is evolving fast and revolutionizing a lot of aspects in our daily life. For healthcare professionals like you, this revolution presents a wide variety of opportunities to take the efficiency of your practice to the next level and provide a better service to your patcients.

One of this opportunities is to provide telehealth services to your patients. Telehealth is the use of electronic communication to remotely provide health care services, and it is projected to double its growth in 2019.

Of course, telehealth is not a replacement for traditional healthcare, it is an additional service to help patients to see a doctor at their best convenience while saving time, ideals for appointments like checkups. Telehealth can also be a great opportunity that can allow physical therapist to expand into the wellness market and preventative medicine.

However, even having in mind all the advantages that provide telehealth services can bring to your practice, it implies a huge change and can generate a lot of doubts for you like:

  • What technology should I use to provide video visit?
  • How to comply with HIPAA?
  • How can I get patients interested in video visits?

For this reason, we’ve created this 3 steps guide that may help you to take a step forward and start providing this excellent service to your patients.

  1. Evaluate your own practice

First, think about how easy is for your patients when they have an appointment:

  • How far are you from the city?
  • Is there usually heavy traffic in the roads around you?
  • Are the roads frozen during winter?

This can help you to decide how interesting can be for you and your patients to start providing video appointments.

After that, think about what percentage of your appointments can be provided through video, this percentage may be higher for Primary Care Physicians and lower for other specialties like optometrists for example.

But even if your current percentage is low, take into account that providing video visits will expand your market so there is a high probability that you get more and more patients that may need these kind of appointment so your percentage gets higher in the future.

  • Decide your marketing strategy

Once you have decided that you’re going to provide telehealth services the next natural question is: How am I going to get patients interested in my video appointments?

That is an unexpected issue that keeps a lot of physicians away from provide telehealth to their patients, because it implies that you don’t only need to install a software and start providing video appointments, but you also need to develop marketing strategies to get patients interested on them.

This can be too much work so a lot of physicians simply decide not to provide these services to avoid to think and work with marketing.

For this reason, is highly recommendable to use a plug&play platform that allows you not only provide video appointments but also let thousands of patients to find you.

Using Docduc will allow you to start providing video visit today while allowing patients to easily find you, take a look at your schedule, and book a video (or in person) appointment at their best convenience in a few clicks. So you can start providing video visits without worrying about marketing and without taking any risk.

But video visits are only one feature including in Docduc.

Docduc is a platform designed to take the efficiency of your practice to the next level, in all aspects. Learn more about Docduc here.

  • Decide which platform you’re going to use

There are a lot of platform in the market that may help you to have video calls with your patients but this is simply not enough.

  • Are these platforms HIPAA compliant?
  • Are these platforms going to help me to get patients for my video visits?
  • Do they work with all insurance plans?
  • Is it easy to combine my schedule for video visits and in person visits?

If you are considering to use Docduc to provide video visits, the answer to these questions will be “Yes, of course”.

Docduc is 100% HIPAA compliant and works with all insurance plans, this means that you will be reimbursed for your video appointments, and it can help you to automate your calendar management.

As mentioned in the previous section, Docduc has many more functionalities to help you to increase the efficiency of your practice. Click in the button below to learn more and subscribe for free.

Tejashwa Tiwari Tejashwa is a Digital Marketer who loves writing!

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