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5 Steps to cure a hangover!

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Who doesn’t like a nice night out with friends and family. Celebrating all the new beginnings and small things in life. The night is full of joy, memories, and some amazing drinking, but followed by a terrible headache. You definitely don’t want to walk into the office with sunglasses, hair full of knots and with leftover pizza for breakfast.

I think pizza for breakfast is an excellent choice of food, but others will disagree. Let me give you some of the secrets for looking flawless in the morning and your boss will never know the about that last shot of tequila that went wrong.

5 easy steps to lose your hangover

  1. WATER! Yes, water is the answer to everything. Seriously though, drowning a water bottle right before you head to bed can reduce the chances of a headache in the morning. Remember to drink more in the morning. Staying hydrated before and after a night out can reduce the chances of getting a migraine.
  2. Told you pizza can save you. If you know ahead of time that you’ll be going out for the night, then make sure to eat some carbs or fatty foods like pizza to absorb all those drinks.
  3. Avoid drinking darker-colored drinks. Science! Light coloured drinks like vodka and gin have caused less hangovers than an old fashion.
  4. Don’t blame us if your boss doesn’t like this tip. Drinking beer for breakfast may help reduce your hangover. A beer a day keeps the hangover away.
  5. Sleep! A full night’s rest will decrease your hangover headache, waking up refreshed and ready for the night out tomorrow. Sleep is an underestimated health benefactor. Sleeping beauty knows best.

Some other tips you can do to reduce your hangover headache is taking pain relievers with lots of water. Icing your head to cool down the swelling and the pounding headache.

Another healthy alternative is to drink plain green tea, which has a lot of antioxidants to help clean your system. Remember these tips the next time you drink to avoid the nasty headache in the morning. Now keep partying.


Tejashwa Tiwari Tejashwa is a Digital Marketer who loves writing!

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