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5 tips for building muscle mass

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Starting your path down in the world of fitness can be a difficult task. Most of us want to build our muscles as fast as possible but unlike movies building up the muscle mass is a very frustrating, time consuming and painful process.

When you surf the internet to find out the strategies that can help you build muscle quickly; all you’ll get is ‘confusion’. What you can find on the internet is vast and very daunting, and therefore it is difficult for most of the guys and girls to choose what is best for them to build muscle mass. Building muscles is a slow process, and therefore it is important to give your body time and desired help to gain your strong and big muscles. Here are 5 most important tips which will help you in gaining your muscles without any pain!

TIP 1: Nutrition is all that it takes

Nutrition is everything. Our body gets its energy from the food we eat, and certainly, our body becomes exactly what we eat. When you’re trying to build up your muscles, protein is what all you have to focus on. There is a lot of confusing stuff around fitness protein like intake timings, different protein shakes, protein with other nutrition, etc. but none of them matters more than getting enough protein for the day. Do not waste your time on selecting a good protein shake or making routines, try to eat food that is rich in protein and you will see the difference.

TIP 2: Start with moderate resistance and volume

If you’re a beginner, always start with moderate exercises. Don’t be that person who can’t even walk properly after their first training session. Do not blindly follow the motto “No pain, No gain.” Studies have shown that even untrained individuals can easily get bigger and stronger muscles without causing a lot of pain to the body. Although maximum intensity and volume are essential features, but not for a beginner, it can cause injuries to the muscles that are not used to that much stress. So, start slow by doing about ten reps daily and then slowly progress.

TIP 3: Compound exercises are important

Compound exercises are multi-joint movements that work on several muscles or muscle groups at the same time. Exercises such as pull-ups, bench presses, push-ups, squats, deadlifts, etc. target multiple muscle groups at the same time and hence give more agility to the body. Doing these exercises is the best way to achieve overall growth and strength. As everyone’s body build is different, compound exercises also help us in locating which muscles require more attention and then you can work on those muscles separately with isolation exercises.

TIP 4: Work on mobility

Many times while working on building your muscle mass, you feel like you’re not doing a particular exercise correctly no matter how hard you’re trying. The reason can be your mobility holding back your body. You might be neglecting your stretching and warm up sessions. Without warming up your muscle, proper flexibility cannot be gained and without proper flexibility, lack of range of motions and improper lifting techniques can cause injuries and you can never get the proper muscle mass. You can improve your mobility with the help of dynamic stretches, joint flows, PNF Stretches, and even foam rolling.

TIP 5: Never say NO to help

When you are ready to go on the path of building up your muscles big and strong, you should ask for help. This one can be difficult but is very important. One who is already walking that path knows the pros and cons and the dos and don’ts of this field very well. Put back all your emotions and concerns and ask someone for guidance and help. Don’t feel timid asking for help from that one person doing that one exercise that you were trying to learn. They also started from beginning and understand the struggle as much as you do. Maybe someday when you’ll be all muscular and exercising, you would be able to return this favor.

So, these are the 5 tips that you should always keep in mind while starting your journey to physical fitness.

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Tejashwa Tiwari Tejashwa is a Digital Marketer who loves writing!

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