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7 common myths about pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the golden phase of every woman’s life. As soon as you announce your pregnancy to your family and friends, they bombard you with plenty of pregnancy-related bits of advice, including a plethora of dos and don’ts. Also, when you’re pregnant or trying to conceive, there is a lot of curiosity in your mind about the time of delivery, sex of the baby and various complications that might arise.

Most of the pregnant women feel and undergo various changes during pregnancy which gives them the assumptions to certain scientific myths. Some theories can be helpful, while most of them are harmful to the mother and the baby. There is so much scientific advancement, but still, there are countless pregnancy-related myths that are being passed on from generation to generation.

If you’re also having second thoughts about these changes during your pregnancy, don’t panic or distress. Here is all you need to know. Below are some common but craziest and strange things you hear and try during pregnancy. Now, you can get a clearer picture of pregnancy with these 7 myths busted.

Myth 1- The shape of the belly tells the gender of the baby.

This is a classic myth that if the woman is carrying high, it means it’s a girl and if she’s carrying low, then it’s a boy. Well, there is no specific proof of this assumption. The muscle size, structure, and position of the baby are what affect the shape and size of the belly. The size of the bump may also depend on the position of the fetus and the amount of the fat you have around the fetus.

Myth 2- Sex can hurt the baby

There is a natural gap of several centimeters between the penis and the cervix while you perform your sexual gymnastics. This is specifically designed to keep the baby safe and snug. Your baby is so well protected in the womb that it will not affect the romance between you and your partner. So, you have to use other reasons for not having sex because pregnancy can’t be one!

Myth 3- You should not raise your hands above your head when you’re pregnant.

This is one of the oldest myths to be believed. It holds that raising your hands above your head can cause the umbilical cord to get wrapped around your baby’s neck. The truth is umbilical cord getting tied around the baby’s neck is actually caused by the frequent twisting and during that babies do in the uterus before birth.

Myth 4- You have to eat for two when you’re pregnant.

Majority of women think that when they’re pregnant they have to eat for two people and this encourages them to eat way more than they should. Disappointingly, many extra calories are not required to feed a growing fetus.  A pregnant woman is advised to add 300 calories to her daily diet. That’s equivalent to a bagel or a heaped tablespoon of mayonnaise so hardly a feast. Eating too much can be harmful to both the mother and the baby and can also cause obesity issues in the baby later in life.

Myth 5- Sleeping on your back may harm the baby.

Again, this is something unanimously believed, but there is no scientific material to prove this statement. Though, doctors believe that sleeping on the left side increases the blood flow to the uterus and placenta and help in the healthy growth of the fetus. Therefore teachers advise sleeping on the left side. But doctors never say that sleeping on your back does harm to the baby. You can sleep on any side you feel comfortable with.

Myth 6- Do not keep cats as pet

This myth is supported by a lot of people because cats can transit a rare disease while you’re pregnant. But that’s not necessary every time, you just have to avoid a lot of interaction with your pet cat, and it will cause no harm. Cats are lovely pets, and their funny activities can help you in reducing the stress and brings a smile on your face which also helps in the baby’s healthy growth.

Myth 7- Your cravings can tell the gender of the baby

According to a lot of people, during pregnancy, if you’re craving for salty foods, it indicates the baby is a boy, and if you’re sugary craving items, it suggests it’s a baby girl. But there is no scientific theory supporting this statement that certain food cravings have any correlation to the gender of the baby.

Do not worry about your pregnancy. Listen to the doctor’s advice carefully and if you’re having any kind of second thoughts, talk to your doctor.

Also, if you have come across any other kind of pregnancy-related myths; do let us know in the comments section below!
Tejashwa Tiwari Tejashwa is a Digital Marketer who loves writing!

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