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Our story

At some point in everyone’s life we all have encountered a personal incident where a loved one was sick. Maybe this happened when we were too young to understand what was going on, or when we didn’t know where or how to ask for help. At the rate of how technology is growing, it seems like there might be a solution with the touch of a button. It all started from a personal experience as a young helpless boy seeing his dad lay on the hospital bed. That vulnerable moment from over a decade ago inspired this young CEO to break down the barriers in healthcare and help make healthcare accessible to everyone.

Docduc is a revolutionary platform whose mission is to resolve the inefficiencies of healthcare in the United States while easing the universal healthcare access. For these reasons, Docduc is compatible with all insurance plans and 100% free to use for patients.

Docduc is an easy to use app! It works with every insurance and has the option to pay from your pocket. You can easily visit your physician’s calendar, book an in-person or video-visit and also send messages to your physician. As a physician you can now view your booking online and have the option of accepting online appointments, reducing your readmissions.

How can this one app Docduc solve the nation’s problem?

Our Team

Each team member is conversant with his domain. Collectively, we work towards the common goal of providing you with the best returns on every investment and building loyalty across every touch.

Our greatest strength is our team spirit & that will remain because a core of us come through the leagues together.

Abid Naqvi - Founder & CEO

Abid founded Docduc Health in 2018 after his father suffered a brain hemorrhage. At the time Abid was consulting for McKinsey & Company, but soon had resign to help his father with his recovery. It was then that Abid realized healthcare needed to be more accessible and set out to make that happen. Abid has traveled to over thirty countries, speaks six languages, and in his off-time enjoys camping, hiking and working with children at his local community center. Abid received his MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Andrew - Director of sales

Passionate about healthcare and healthcare technology. Andrew has been in the field for almost a decade as a senior sales and marketing executive. In his spare time, Andrew likes to spend time with his three children and wife. He also loves fishing, boating, and participating in his children’s sports teams of tennis and golf.

Alex - iOS Developer

Alex specializes in iOS development and Apple infrastructure. However he is always ready to learn and do more outside of his field. After joining Docduc in 2018 he learned and executed quickly, helped his teammates and started his Project Management position soon after.

Sofiane Djellouli - Web Developer

Sofiane is a front-end developer that tries to give our users the best experience possible by building modern and interactive interfaces.

Dharmraj Sharma - Android Developer

Dharm is an experienced Android developer with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive,e-learning,healthcare industry. Skilled in Android and Java. He loves playing cricket and cycling.

Yura - Backend Developer

Yura is a Backend developer from Belarus. He loves playing computer and board games. Likes taking part in different programming competitions like AI cups bots compete with other people's bots.

Tejashwa Tiwari - Digital Marketer

Tejashwa is a passionate Digital Marketer from India. He loves playing with numbers. He drives revenue growth by transforming innovative ideas into advertising solutions.