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What is Docduc?

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Docduc is a revolutionary platform whose mission is to resolve the inefficiencies of healthcare in the United States while easing the universal healthcare access. For these reasons, Docduc is compatible with all insurance plans and 100% free to use for patients.

Docduc allows patients to find the best doctor for them, to easily book an in-person or video appointment, review doctor’s notes about the appointment and ask doubts about the appointment in any moment.

If you are a physician, Docduc will also help you to take the efficiency of your medical practice to the next level thanks to the benefits explained below.

  • Provide Video Appointments

Did you know that, according to the Forbes magazine,  20% of patients in the US would switch doctors over video visits, but only around 5% of doctors provide them?

Now with Docduc, you can easily provide video appointment to your patients. Just add video slots to your schedule, and video call your patients using Docduc when the time comes. It’s that easy.

After the appointment (video or in person) you can also leave some notes that your patients can review later at their convenience.

  • Text your patients

Nowadays communication the major part of our communication is through text. So why not communicate with your patients in the same way that we do in our day to day? Docduc also put in your hands a secured HIPAA compliant chat tool to text your patients in any moment as well as sending and receiving relevant files or pictures.

No more receiving calls when you’re busy and when you try to call back your patient is also busy. Using Docduc’s chat tool you can check in with your patients and answer their questions whenever you have some time.

  • Minimize no-shows

In this article published in the blog Solution Reach, Lori Boyer analyzes the national average of no-show rate, that can be as high as 30% in some cases. These no-shows can lead to tens of thousands dollars of losses every month.

Have you ever felt frustrated about it?

When using Docduc, you’ll notice an instantaneous decrease of no-shows, which means an instantaneous growth in your monthly revenue.

To achieve that we simply charge a prepayment fee of 20 $ which will be transferred to you so you can deduce it from the copay.  These 20$ don’t go back to the patients if they don’t show up, this way, they will be encouraged to notice you in advance if they can’t go to the appointment.

In addition, Docduc will send an appointment reminder to your patients so they won’t forget about it even if they didn’t write it down in their calendars.

  • Automate and centralize your appointment management

Traditional appointment booking is highly inefficient, your administrative team receive a call, then check your schedule, tell the patients some of your available slots (which may or may not work for them), and finally, they introduce manually all the data about the patient and the appointment.

With Docduc, your patients can take a look at your complete schedule and book an in person or video appointment with you in a few clicks.

After that, your calendar will be automatically updated with all the information about the patient and the appointment that you need to know, including the symptoms, patient’s notes and even important files than the may upload.

This way, you can forget about appointment management and have all the important information centralized in one place.

  • Forget about Marketing and Advertising

All the features included in Docduc are specifically designed to smoothen the interactions between you and your patients so they will feel happier and less frustrated thanks to all the additional services you’re providing without efforts through Docduc.

This helps to create a stronger relationship with your patients and increase their engagement and the probability that they recommend your clinic to family and friends.

In addition, you will be visible to a great amount of potential patients not only in your area but also in different cities (to provide video visits).

Potential patients will be able to see a description about you, check if you work with their insurance plan, read reviews written by previous patients and take a look at your schedule and book an in person or video visit at their best convenience.

So you won’t have to worry about Marketing and Advertising anymore.

  • HIPAA Compliant

We know that sometimes HIPAA regulations can be overwhelming and can generate a lot of questions as well as fears to be fined due to some neglect you can commit without being conscious of it.

But thanks to Docduc you don’t need to worry about it, we take care of HIPAA compliance.

All the information generated in the platform, including of course text messages and video calls, is secured and encrypted in order to comply with HIPAA regulations

In conclusion

All the features included in Docduc are specifically developed to improve the efficiency of your practice while providing an excellent service to your patients.

Furthermore we intentionally design our platform to be intuitive, easy to use and plug&play, so you can focus on what is most important to you: Taking care of your patients.

Does it sound good? Then visit our website and join us today for free!
Tejashwa Tiwari Tejashwa is a Digital Marketer who loves writing!

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