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Why you should stop drinking shakes to lose weight

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Many people are always on the go. The head from home to work and then back from work to home with lots and lots of unexpected activities in between. With all this rush in life, keeping care of health is often an overlooked aspect. Unfortunately, there is no time to prepare a healthy home-cooked meal. The companies which offer meal replacement shakes are making the most of this situation. They are offering different shakes for every missed meal. If you’re in a hurry in the morning, skip a meal and grab a protein shake, no time between works for lunch? No problem! Drink a shake. Losing appetite during night?

A good protein shake will fulfill all your energy needs! Sounds like a good solution especially, if you’re trying to lose weight, right? But is this what we call cutting down calories in style?

As believed by a majority of people, protein shakes are a great option for losing weight. They provide instant energy, help in building muscles, fills your tummy and provides a lot of essential nutrients. They are made of natural and healthy ingredients and are full of healthy benefits.

Sadly, these weight loss shakes aren’t as good as they seem to be. Without your notice, they are doing way more harm to your body than doing any good. These shakes are no permanent solution to your weight loss plans. There are a number of reasons why they can be very dangerous for your health if continued for a longer period.

Most of the bottled meal replacement shake contains highly processed ingredients such as refined vegetable oils, canola oil and corn oil which promotes disturbances in your body, causes inflammation and weakens your immune system. Not only this, preservatives and thickeners such as malt dextrin are a common ingredient in meal replacement shakes, and they can lead to blood sugar spike. Even the vitamin and mineral content in these shakes is synthetic. The bottle may promise you a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, but that’s not exactly what you’re getting.

These so-called healthy protein shakes are also loaded with sugar. Haven’t you ever noticed why they come in so many delicious flavors?  And with the tagline of these flavors, you can also find a low-calorie label stamped in the front. This makes them so appealing. but for these delicious flavors, meal replacements shakes contain a lot of added sugars and artificial sweeteners. Consuming too much of added sugars can cause sulkiness and dips in energy levels, inflammation, and the worse, weight gain. Many studies have also linked excess of sugars to dental decay, hormone fluctuations, and blue energy. The artificial colors added in the shakes can also cause headaches and indigestion.

How can something filled with artificial ingredients help you lose weight naturally? Think about it?

Most people turn to these meal replacement shakes in the hope that they’ll shed a few pounds. Unfortunately, this strategy usually backfires. Skipping your healthy meals and drinking these shakes a lot can leave you deprived of essential nutrients, low in energy and obviously you’ll be restricted from eating your favorite foods. It can also cause cravings of unhealthy foods and in turn, is may make you gain more and more weight. Initially, you’ll get the desired results and lose a few pounds after drinking these shakes and drastically cutting down calories, but the weight will return after a few weeks, with a lot of other side effects.

Still, if you’re unable to take out a lot of time for your health and you find these shakes the easiest option, look for something healthy and natural, something that doesn’t have a long list of artificial and harmful ingredients. You can try one of these homemade, natural and healthy alternatives.

Homemade green smoothie– A smoothie is both handy and tasty. It will be easy to get your share and good fill of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables without any artificial ingredients.

Pureed healthy soups- What’s better than a hot soup to lose weight. It is the best option to get taste and health in the same bowl. To get your share of fibers, veggies, and herbs, try a hot and healthy soup. It’s filling, easy to digest and can also be frozen for future use.

Plant-based protein powder- if you’re still planning to get a protein shake, stick to a plant-based powder made from pea protein or hemp protein. Make sure it should be free of GMOs and other harmful ingredients.

Always consult a physician before starting with any treatment program or making any adjustments to your diet plans.

If you want to add anything in the above information, do let us know in the comments section below.

Tejashwa Tiwari Tejashwa is a Digital Marketer who loves writing!

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