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How can Docduc help?


Search for a doctor by name (such as your PCP) or a medical specialization using filters to fit your specific needs.

Schedule Visits

Schedule your visits using the doctor's calendar directly without having to call or go through automated phone systems.

Video / Text

Speak to your doctor and get assistance from the comfort of your home. You will get the same quality of care as an in-person visit at no extra cost.


Not sure which specialist you should consult? Talk to our chatbot. Based on your symptoms we will suggest possible conditions and a doctor who can help.

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How can I search for doctors in my area?

No need to search oudated insurance databases anymore
Put your scheduling needs first and find nearby doctors by your availability
Read reviews and see what other patients are saying before picking your physician
Schedule a hassle free video or in person visit

Why video calls?

No transportation time and cost
No need for childcare or eldercare
No time off work for parents or school for children
Video call
No waiting rooms or catching new illnesses
Leverage specialists with your PCP
Increased access and checkup lead to better health

Why text messages?

No more being put on hold
Refer back to the conversation
Discuss private matters publicly
Video call

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Docduc is free for patients
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Docduc is free to use for patients. However, there may be costs from your insurer.

Your payment reflects your copay which goes to your physician.

Yes. The physician will apply the same discretion as an in-person visit.

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